Monday, April 13, 2009

Living my dream......... the time has come.

It feels so gratifying when you are able to start living your dream, or when you take the first step towards the achievement of that dream. The time has come when I am going to start work on my start up, and take my first step towards the journey of entrepreneurial dreams. Interestingly, the journey I am about to begin will be quite unique, as I will be running on two parallel paths which will converge after some time, causing the merge of interests. One of the paths is the startup whose seed has been sown with few of my good friends and the battle of ideas has begun; it won't be long before we embark on a journey. The second path is that of a startup which has funding from an established company and my aim will be to create a venture out of the funds provided.

When I start giving shapes to my ideas related to the second path in a few weeks, I will travel the journey from being an aspiring entrepreneur to a budding entrepreneur. The second step in the entrepreneurial journey will be tougher, but thats also the feeling which gives me immense pleasure. So here follows a small peep into the path 2 of my entrepreneurial journey and what I'll be working on.

When it comes to the modern economy, one word instinctively comes to our mind in a form which haunts you- 'recession'. Whether or not India is in recession, is a different debate, but the situations this word has created in our economy are so important that they are going to shape the path Indian business will follow. Recession or the fear of it, has suddenly brought employee management to the forefront; getting the maximum out of a few employees while not hiring new recruits should bring an interesting sector to the forefront, that which deals with the management of the T&A data of every employee and handles the security and access devices in corporate firms. This is because there are lots of sectors now where work is still there, but no recruitment. Another important group of people which have suddenly come to the forefront are SMEs and young startups, because even the best of business minds have said this to be the right time to get a strong foothold in the Indian business.

Well, my new work has got to do something with both the above groups of people; combining the two in a way that we are able to use the hype of the word 'recession' to our maximum advantage, while ensuring the formation of a market for us which can control things in the future. I really hope the plans I have in my mind for my startups do succeed, and at every stage of business, I am able to use the situations surrounding us in the right way to create maximum profit.

Yes, the time has come :)

"An entrepreneur is not a dreamer, he is a doer".


asu3011 said...

It feels great. Suggesting the name of the new company which will actually function separately from its parent company, and the acceptance of the name by the investors. It is awesome. The presence of the name gives you the boost to believe in the realization of the dream. There were lots of fundae taken care of while choosing the right name (will come to that later on how to choose the right name of your product/ company). Thanks to Pradeep for giving me a beautiful idea to start with.

asu3011 said...

Bad times seem to have struck hard, seems like I'll have to go back to become a dreamer from a doer; but the experience will remain forever and hopes are still the greatest.

Goddy_Blogs said...

it feels gr8 to know bout it... go ahead my frnd... m sure u gonna rok in watever u do!!! ( bt u shud hav said me bout dis :(...