Saturday, May 3, 2008

Top 10 movies of all time of all languages

I am an avid movie lover, I watch all kinds of movies and almost all of them . I've watched all the famous movies of the so called "parallel cinema" and enjoyed them, apart from enjoying the ultimate masala movies. Apart from Indian and American movies, I have also enjoyed Italian, Russian, French movies. But again, when it comes to choosing the top 10, I have let my heart speak for me, and strangely enough my heart chose mostly the commercial movies and not the parallel ones.

1. Taare Zameen par:(Hindi)
The beauty of moments, the unparalelled cinematography, the excellent depiction of subtleties and the unique ability to carry you into the protagonist's world with an ease makes this movie an ultimate masterpiece in Indian cinema. The commercial touch given to the movie may prevent a few movie lovers from counting it as a classic, but combining art with monetary attractions add to my respect for the makers.

2. The Shawshank Redemption.(English)
Hope, patience and victory: This movie made me the understand the true meaning of these words.

3. Schlindler's List:(English)
Perfect portrayal of atrocities during the holocaust combined with some excellent direction and supported by brilliant acting makes this movie special.

4. Life is Beautiful:(Italian)
Some movies make you smile with a sad heart and cry with a joyous feeling. This movie is precisely that. I laughed at the jokes initially in the movie but somewhere the whole feeling of sadness revolving the protagonist didn't leave me. And at the end your mind wants to feel happy but your heart stops you.

5. Anand:(Hindi)
Second movie of the kind I was talking of above.

6. Shakti:(Hindi)
Being a Hindi movie has its advantage. After all I am a Hindi. My heart loves this movie though direction, acting and other cinematic experiences are all good but nowhere in the league of greatness. Still here my part of the heart which is a huge Big B fan speaks.

7. Ek shikari Kutte ki kahani:(Russian)
This Russian movie popular in film festivals made me cry for the first time.

8. Psycho:(English)
This is because I love thrillers.

9. The Usual Suspects:(English)
Because of the style it has and the fact that you may guess the end but still love it.

10. 12 Angry Men:(English)
Another movie which motivates you beyond words.


test said...


Do you know what's the original name of the movie" Ek shikari Kutte ki kahani"? I can then search for it on the Web.

asu3011 said...

Sorry for posting a reply so late..Your profile is also inaccessible so cant even post directly to you. The Russian name of the movie is Belyy Bim - Chyornoe ukho, in English its called White Bim Black Year.