Saturday, June 7, 2008

Politics and IIT, hand in hand?? or........??

I think its my right and my duty to write on this topic. Being an IITian and having witnessed the politics surrounding this esteemed institute, I believe that despite trying to remain aloof from one of the most important decisions made in the recent times, we can't ignore the consequences which this decision may have on our future.

Politics is interesting. Politics has given my neighbor, the son of one of the most powerful persons of my city, an entry into IIT based on the grounds which clearly mention my neighbor as socially backward. I still wonder how can you call one of the most influential businessmen in the city ,adored and respected by all, as socially backward. Well the answer is politics.

Politics is more interesting. Politics has given my institute, already a widow, an opportunity to give birth to a daughter. The institute lacks in the number of good faculty and as if this was not enough, the intake of students has been increased. Students who have been crammed to live in a 10*10 ft area (okay this was a bit of exaggeration) will now have to live in even worse situations. IIT Kanpur, the widowed mother, conceived a new IIT Rajasthan which will remain in incubation period for a year or two. Politics can do anything.

Politics is even more interesting. Politics can lead people to death without even touching them. Politics can change the system without even the people sensing them. Politics can justify rape while making a rule of death sentence for rape. Politics can simply do anything, simply anything, as long as we remain what we are- gullible, ignorant, greedy, selfish and losers.

p.s. The last paragraph tries to touch different issues, all at the same time. Think over each sentence, over each word and you will find each sentence is a pun intended on what current politics related to IIT may do to these esteemed institutes.

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