Sunday, October 12, 2008

Its tough time now for our economy.

(P.S.: Well, i am back after a really long time, and that too with some serious issue. One more thing, I have not yet made my blog known to people around me for a reason. Soon, I'll bring the blog to the eyes of the close friend circle around me.)

The current economic conditions have seen a new low, with the inflation rate still in two digits and stock market crashing to all time lows. Sadly enough, the recent US crisis, or to be precise global crisis, adds to our woes. Reliance Infra, ICICI, Reliance Com have proved to be the major losers with around 20% fall seen on Saturday and despite RBI signaling presence of liquidity in the market, the market seems to have gone deep into the crisis. And interestingly and also ironically, articles like these are aiding the market slump by creating a panicky situation. Coming to the global market, predictions like GM, Crysler and Ford on the verge of bankruptcy and news of Meryll Lynch and Goldman Sachs going an all time low have acted as a catalyst to further decay the already decaying economy in India.

Sitting at one's room and reading about the news may sometimes not be able to give the true feel of the economic situation in India; but this time, sadly enough, does not come under those sometimes. So a guy like me, entirely oblivious of shares and stocks in conditions otherwise, is forced to a wisdom of thoughts resting in the penury of knowledge :(

But the whole aim of this post is to look at those rays of hope and success which always come with any situation of crisis. As they say, or may be I say, every failure gives you a chance to create success. Now is our chance to create the success which has eluded us (and I am being a bit patriotic here) due to the US market (don't worry, I am not a leftist). With certain hard policy decisions, which I really hope the government makes, India will be back into business and its uproar will be heard by the entire globe this time.

Another post with no head and tail but a reflection of my heart at this moment (seems like I have been reading a lot of ET lately, and well I'll be back to Filmfare soon enough :) )

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