Sunday, January 18, 2009

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You need to feel romance and feel its sadness, sometimes, to allow your heart remain happy in turbulent and busy times. So here's some romantic success, some romantic failure, while I remain busy working for E Summit.

Anjaane mein..

log aksar kehte hain dard-e-nasha mila hai mujhe anjaane mein..
jaane log naapte hai nashe ko kis paimane pe.
nasha hai ye ya afsaane hai teri aankhon ki yaadon ke.
Aakhir ghalti se aapki aankhon ka jaam jo pee gaya is maikhane mein..

aankhein keh jaati hai baatein hazaar anjaane mein..
mann ke aaine mein dikh jata hain in aankhon ka samanader, thodi himmat aajmane se
aankhon ke gehre samander ki mulaqat jab hoti hai kinare se,
us samander ke lahron mein doob jaata hun is maikhane mein..

un aankhon ke maikhaane ka qaasid bhi dara jaata hai anjaane mein
ye qaasid aata hai aankhon ki gehrayee ke kisi tehkaane se,
phir bhi saath lata hai ye aaftab apne us thikane se,
kya karein...yahi qaasid to paagal bana jaata hain is maikhane mein..

unki aankhon ko dekhkar ye lafz yun hi nikal aaye hai anjaane mein..
ye baatein to roz hi hongi un aankhon ke tasawwur ke khwab aane pe
un chhoti si pyaari aankhon mein jaam ka gehra samandar bas jaane de,
kabhi kabhi ye dard-e-nasha bhi meetha lagta hai ab is maikhane mein..

Complete translation of above (to avoid any wrong interpretations :) ):

Despite the fact that people don't know what makes me intoxicated, they claim that I suffer from the pain of intoxication. The fact is even I am not sure whether its intoxication or the memories of your beautiful eyes. May be it is because your eyes have intoxicated me.

Eyes can speak volumes without literally conveying anything, and the only way to measure the depth of those volumes is to feel your heart. Your eyes are also very deep, and when the sea of your eyes reaches its bank,(when your internal beauty is reflected in the the external world through your eyes), it has the power to drown me if I am in contact with it.

The messenger of the bar present in your eyes (it refers to the intoxication of your beauty), is dangerous enough, because it comes not from the surface but from layers hidden from the external world. It is the beauty of the heart and mind which is reflected in the eyes.
It is an irony that though this beauty is hidden and can't be seen but it has the ability to illuminate others' lives. Such irony and dangers are the causes of my madness.

I never wished to speak the above words, but your beauty forced me to. Now such poetry of words will be created every time i see the beautiful potrait of your deep eyes in my dreams. Though your eyes are small, it has the ability to soak in it the entire vast sea of intoxicating beauty; and this special quality of your eyes actually makes me find the pain sweet.


Aashiq ki Taqdeer..

Ab aapse baat karne ka mera dil nahi chahta hai,
Darr lagta hai us khoobsurat sapne ka jo mujhe har pal satata hai..
Aapse baat karke us sapne ke phir se aane ka hota hai darr,
sochkar bhi ghabrata hai us sapne ke tootne ka hoga kya asar..

Isiliye ab ye dil sapne dekhna nahi chahta hai,
Aur un sapnon se bachne ke liye ab ye aapko dekhkar bhi ghabrata hai..
Jise har pal dekhne ka sapna sanjota hai dil,
usi ke dikh jaane par ab tadapta hai aur rota hai dil..

Bas yehi hai kahani us aashiq ki, darrta hai jo aashiqui karne se,
Use kya pata ki likhi hui hai usqi taqdeer ki ab hoga kya lakh darne se..

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