Tuesday, February 10, 2009

DevD.. Redefining Indian Cinema.. but not for the faint hearted.

Here's a review on a movie which won't be forgotten by Indian Cinema, for long. It is bound to enter the realms of unforgettable classics, because of the vibrant energy this movie displays in its every single frame, and also because it intoxicates you to the level of sin by making you a part of the journey of an immortal character called DevD.

DevD is not Devdas. AK and AD tried to attempt a new version of Devdas and they bring someone to us, whose thoughts you can relate to and whose failures make you desperate. Kudos to Abhay Deol for bringing out such a fine concept to Indian Cinema.

But this is not the reason what makes this movie a cinematic experience of lifetime, the cinematography and editing simply took my breath away. The nuances of direction were so perfect that you could see a wonderful blend of colors in its every frame and could feel the perfection of every detail in each shot. Be it the scene where DevD meets Chunni with the song 'Pardesi' in the background, or the scene where Paro defies Indian sensitivity by showing the woman who cycles to the farm with a mattress to meet her lover, or the scenes where hell enters DevD everytime he takes drugs (though it has been inspired by Danny Boyle). All these scenes prove that Anurag Kashyap is a person who is not letting Indian cinema remain the same anymore. The exquisite boldness with which Kashyap presents the movie without an iota of vulgarity shows that Kashyap is a master craftsman, I have to admit I haven't ever seen even a Hollywood movie with such boldness embedded in the spirit, while not letting it show on face and still hitting you hard.

And as mentioned earlier, this is not for the faint hearted, as it hits you very hard, and takes you to a different world only if you are able to survive the blows. Its not for the "Intelligent", its not for the "Masses", its for every person who knows what intoxication is, beacuse you don't feel good or bad after watching this movie, you simply feel intoxicated.

This review is incomplete without the mention of Amit Trivedi, the creator of the best music Indian Cinema has seen in years. This movie is still not in my top 10 all time favorites but its music certainly is. Pardesi or Nayan tarse are such passionately rendered tracks, that they build on your heart and not on ears everytime you hear them.

Thanks once again, Anurag. This was not beer or rum, this was Vodka.... neat..

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