Thursday, February 19, 2009

Halo.. A movie by Santosh Sivan

Santosh Sivan made a movie Halo in 1997, the chance to watch which I got today. This movie is not a great movie, but it made me return to the innocence I have talked about in my posts earlier. This post is dedicated to the sweet smile that this movie brought on my face which was drowned in the aftereffect of alcohol.

It is the story of a girl who is lonely in life and always asks God for something which can bring happiness to her life. And then she meets a dog, names it Halo and searches for happiness in its company. She finds it, the ultimate way to escape from the lack of motherly love around her, in the dog. But her happiness doesn't last long and the dog gets away some day. And then begins the journey of the sweet girl, to find Halo- the love of her life, the gift from God which has illuminated the dark corners of her home. The journey brings you closer to those sweet moments of your childhood, when you felt privileged to have everyone you love around you. At the end of the journey, she finally finds Halo in the arms of a mentally challenged girl and she decides to let Halo remain with the girl. She sacrifices her love because she believes someone else needs it more than her. Innocence makes you selfless, and the sweet innocent smile which the protagonist flashes every time she finds herself happy, brought me closer to the days when I was innocent and happy in the sweet company of my loved ones.

I would suggest people to watch Halo and more such movies which make you free from the shackles of worldliness and brings you to the dream world you always aspire to be in.:
The world of chocolates, sweets and beautiful smiles,
The world of colors, music and that scintillating noise.
The world of rivers and caves, where mountains rise,
The world of beauty, innocence and sweetness in life.

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